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We are the #1 Source for Computer Services in Brisbane

Welcome to the home of the most trusted computer repair experts in Brisbane! If you’re looking for top-notch computer repair services in Brisbane that can handle everything from replacing a faulty hard drive to virus recovery, you’ve come to the right place.

Our team of experts has years of experience providing you with the highest quality repair services. We are competent and efficient, turning around most repairs in the shortest time possible. This means you suffer less downtime and can enjoy working from home or the office on a reliable computer, knowing that your computer expert is only a call away.

As Brisbane #1 computer repair service, we guarantee unparalleled expertise, affordable prices, and exceptional customer service. So, whether your computer needs a quick fix or an overdue overhaul, our team of geeks has you covered.

Do you have a computer that keeps glitching out on you? Does it have trouble booting? Then do not hesitate to get in touch with us today. We specialize in fixing all computer problems.

Our Expert Laptop Repairs and Computer Service Technicians in Brisbane

As professionals, we understand that a malfunctioning computer can bring your life to a standstill. Problems like lost data can be incredibly destructive for people who make a living on their computers. That’s why we offer comprehensive services to bring your computer back to life.

Some of our highly rated services include virus removal, baking up your important files and photos, making space in your hard drive, and recovery. In addition, we also fix hardware issues, from broken laptop screens and power jacks to overheating problems. Additionally, we’re experts at setting up new computers, laptops and hardware. Our team will configure wireless networks to keep you connected. You can trust us to provide the expertise and care your computer deserves with the least inconvenience. Don’t let a faulty computer slow you down – allow our friendly service to fix the problem, so you don’t have to deal with it again! We don’t just repair computers but ensure that they work as reliable tools after we are done.

Computer Repairs Near Me? – Your search for computer repair technicians near Brisbane, near Logan, near Ipswich and near Northlakes is over.

Are you looking for a trustworthy and reliable computer repair service in the greater Brisbane region with an extensive range of expertise? Our outstanding service has nearly a decade of experience and over 2600 satisfied customers; we pride ourselves on offering prompt, professional IT support that you can count on. Our happy clients include everyone from mums and dads to small businesses and a couple of recognizable brands. We are proud of our excellent reviews, which indicate our expertise and quality service. 

We understand that you need your computer back up and running as quickly as possible, so we offer same-day service for anyone who needs it. Our expert service can complete most jobs in under an hour, and our competitive flat rate means you’ll always know exactly what you’re paying for. If we see that parts or if data recovery is needed, we’ll let you know before proceeding so you can decide if it is something you want to pay for!

Our team of technicians offers prompt, high-quality IT support anywhere in Brisbane and are lovingly referred to as the “best service” by a laundry list of satisfied clients across the city. Call us today for a free quote or to learn more about our computer repair services. We promise you will get the best price and service!

Brisbane Specialist Apple Mac Tech

We have a dedicated Apple repair technician that is dedicated to offering expert technical solutions at highly competitive rates for your home and business Apple Mac Notebook and desktop computer requirements. For a sole trader, we do about 30 Apple repairs per week and are regularly referred to by Apple for getting out-of-warranty replacements done. If you want a quote – Click on the Quote Now Button at the top of this page if you know exactly what’s wrong with it such as a Screen Repair or keyboard replacement, if your unsure of the issue – please give us a call.

From Simple memory and hard drive upgrades to complex component-level Apple Mac logic board repair and replacement services and Apple Mac hard drive data recovery solutions. Computer hero offers everything to meet your specific Apple Mac technical support requirements for Mac Pro, Mac Mini, Imac, Imac Pro, Powerbook G4, MacBook, Macbook Airt and Mac Book Pro models.

At our company, we are thrilled to offer our services to help you with any Apple Mac issues you may encounter. Our expert engineers and technicians are passionate about providing you with the highest quality support possible. We understand how frustrating it can be to experience problems such as the computer not turning on, frequent kernel panics and crashes, overheating and fan issues with Mac laptops, start-up chime being absent, inability to boot up, no video, black screen, cracked or damaged screen, faulty memory modules, logic board failure, failing graphics card or GPU, SuperDrive not responding, distorted video, hard drive failure, unexpected computer shutdowns, random Mac freezes, dropped laptops, data loss on Mac, horizontal lines on the display, slow Mac performance, difficulty connecting to Wi-Fi networks, and liquid damage to the Mac computer. We are confident in our ability to provide quick, same-day diagnostic, repair, upgrade and replacement services for all Apple Mac desktop and laptop models. We are always eager to assist you and ensure that your Mac runs smoothly and efficiently.

Computer Repair

We love fixing computers – no matter what brand or type of computer you have we can help. We are a family based business and have technicians all around the greater Brisbane area from North Lakes, Brisbane, Ipswich and Logan. Give us a call for any questions about any questions that you have.

Apple Mac Repairs​

We love fixing apple products from Mac Book Air’s to iMacs. Even if apple turn you away, give us a call as usually we can fix system boards as well, as opposed to you buying a new computer. The only thing we don’t fix are iPhones and iPads.

Laptop Repairs

Wether it’s a smashed screen or you’ve spilt that evening wine all over your keyboard we can assist in finding the best way to get you up and running in no time along with our competitive prices for all your laptop hardware needs.

Computer and Network Security

Protect your financial records, photos, personal emails and other private data from identity thieves by letting us secure your computer for you.

Computer Setup

We’ll come out to you and setup your new machine on-site, where you want it and how you want it.

Computer Tune-up

Computer running slow? Let us give it a good tune-up and it’ll be fatser than ever before.

Help you get better deals on your ISP

Finally you have a friend in the business! In some cases we can actually call up your ISP and get a better price for you because we are aware of what other ISP companies are charging and can save you $$$ of your bill per month or a higher data rate.

Laptop battery replacement

No matter what type of Laptop we have we can replace any Battery and give you two options of a genuine or quality non genuine option that will extend the life of your laptop

Laptop screen replacement

Laptop Screens are often the thing that fails first on a laptop – let us give you options to replace or repair your laptop screen if it’s flickering or not as clear as it once was

  • Computer Hero understands the importance of both speed and quality in computer repairs. We prioritize efficient services without compromising on the quality of repairs, ensuring timely solutions without sacrificing the reliability and longevity of your devices.
  • Computer Hero excels in providing the perfect balance between technical expertise and exceptional customer service. We have highly skilled technicians who can efficiently diagnose and fix computer issues while also ensuring friendly and helpful interactions to provide a positive customer experience.
  • Computer Hero understands the importance of affordability while maintaining reliable computer repairs. We offer competitive prices without compromising on the quality of our services, ensuring our customers receive cost-effective solutions that they can rely on.
  • Computer Hero provides convenient computer repair services while prioritizing the security of our customer’s data and devices. We offer various options such as on-site repairs, remote assistance, and secure data handling, to ensure a hassle-free experience while maintaining the highest level of security.
  • Computer Hero values transparency in our operations while maintaining efficient computer repair processes. We provide clear communication regarding the repair progress, cost breakdowns, and necessary steps, ensuring that our customers are well-informed throughout the process while benefiting from timely and efficient repairs.

Brisbane’s most reliable and fastest computer and laptop repair technician is over.  Try our highly-rated mobile computer and laptop repair service today, serving Brisbane.  Same-day service can be done before 10 am if not booked out.

Whether you are office-based or working from home, call us, and we will arrange for one of our experienced technicians to either call back at a convenient time or, if needed, schedule a visit to your place of work. We have a senior technician on standby 24/7 – so any IT-related problem or data loss can be addressed quickly and with the minimum disruption to you.  Zoo Computer Repairs is an award-winning computer repair company that services the greater Brisbane area. It is led by head computer technician Robert Krajnyk, who was the youngest employee to work for IBM in Australia at the age of 17 years old.  We have also been featured as an expert on Channel 9 news for slow internet speeds versus slow computers, which you can watch here.  We service all computer makes and models, whether PC or Mac.  If you are searching for ‘ Mobile computer repairs near me ‘  – we will be able to provide you with all your tech needs to do with technology and offer fantastic computer maintenance options.

Mobile Computer Technician Sunnybank, QLD

Most issues can be fixed at your home or office – however, there are times when the machine needs to be taken away and further diagnostics need to be done to get your computer up and running.  Usually, this is when there are less obvious problems with your computer where there needs to be more diagnostics run to sort out your issues.  What causes Zoo Computer Repairs to stand out – is that we don’t try to upsell you a new machine unless you need one, as we know that everyone is finding it tough at the moment, and that is where our honesty and integrity come into play.  We will always recommend free software as opposed to paid software.  Having a local computer technician is good when you need computer help because you know that someone will be readily available to provide services to your home or office as we always offer personalised service to clients.  

Laptop Repairs Sunnybank

If your device looks anything like that at a museum or worth less than $150 – we would prefer if you would recycle it by using one of these companies as opposed to adding it to landfill or asking us to fix it.

About Us

Zoo Computer Repairs is your “go-to-guy” when it comes to anything regarding your computer or laptop anywhere in Greater Brisbane including Logan, Ipswich, Moreton Bay and Redland City. We can come to your house or small business and fix any issues that you are having. We have more 5 star reviews than any other computer repair business in Australia and our customer service is second to none. There is no Call out fee or public holiday charges, there is just a fixed hourly rate. Call us to see how we can be your computer professionals!..

Previously I worked for the largest IT company in the world (IBM) as a help desk operator fixing people’s problems over the phone, so I have plenty of experience as a computer hardware and software technician.

Robert K.

Head Technician

Laptop Repairs

We repair any of the following brands of Laptops including Battery Repairs for the following Laptops:

See us being interviewed by Channel 9 over slow internet speeds!

Here at Zoo Repairs, we have some of the best computer repair prices in Brisbane. We can do it all and have dozens if not hundreds of 5 stars customer reviews from happy customers. The people we have helped are so happy with the PC services in Brisbane that we have provided, that they keep referring us to their friends.

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Why Choose Our Company for Brisbane Computer Services?

I called a few techs when my computer became infected and found Robert to be the most informative who explained the process of repairing my computer clearly, he worked on it remotely and kept me up to date with the process, very efficient and I am glad to recommend him.

We understand that there are many computer repair technicians in Brisbane. However, they are not all experts. The barrier to entry for setting up a computer repair center, as it’s called, is pretty low, and that’s why there are so many shops that can’t do most of the work. Doing quality computer repairs requires more than just equipment, it requires an understanding of what causes the problem and then how best to address it. We have seen a large case of customers being sold new machines when sometimes they didn’t need to when a machine could have been fixed instead. Integrity, honesty and reliability are the biggest things you need to be careful when choosing someone tow work on your computer. If you have a computer problem that nobody else seems able to fix or need to hire the best people for the job of repairing computers, look no further than our Brisbane computer repairs service. Give our computer repair service a shot and experience the difference.

In addition to us being one of the most established names in the computer repair business our parent company is called (Zoo Computer Repairs), here are a few more reasons why we continue to be the computer and laptop repair service of choice for many individuals and businesses alike:


We have a team of highly skilled technicians with years of experience repairing desktop and laptop computers. This means we can tackle any computer issue that comes our way.  We handle everything from hardware to software to removing viruses; we’ve seen it all and can fix it all.
Our Head technician is Robert Krajnyk who was one of the youngest employees to work for IBM in Australia, along with a dedicated Mac / Laptop Technician for fixing common Apple Mac, Mac Book Air, Laptop

Blazing-fast Fast Turnaround times

As industry veterans, we know how important your computer is to you. However, depending on the extent of damage or problems, other companies in Brisbane can take time to address the issues – especially when it comes to ordering parts if it is outside their scope. Our laptop technician does 40+ jobs per week so we have a great selection of parts on hand and available. We will also notify you if there are delays and explain why it will take longer than first estimated.

Competitive Pricing

Quality computer repair services in Brisbane does not have to cost you much money. We believe in providing high-quality computer repair services at affordable prices. The best thing is that our pricing is transparent, which means you know how much you paid for parts, the software, and the labor involved in computer repairs. Our hourly rate is set at 120 including GST for home users and 120 + GST for bussinesses.

Satisfaction Guarantee / Convenient Location

Customer satisfaction has always been our top priority. Our well trained and efficient service team will go above and beyond to ensure you’re completely satisfied with our work.

Our shop and office is conveniently located at the home of the four technicians we have in North Lakes, Brisbane, Ipswich and Logan making it easy to drop off and pick up your computer. We also repair computers remotely if a problem can be addressed that way.

Full Range of
Computer Services

We service a complete range of cities – including Brisbane, Logan, Moreton Bay, Redland City as well as Ipswich. We can design websites for new bussinesses and also get you a customised email address for your business. We are your Computer Geeks that can cover all your technology needs. We’ve also been featured on Channel 9 for slow computers / internet speeds.

Full Range of
Computer Services

We service a complete range of cities – including Brisbane, Logan, Moreton Bay, Redland City as well as Ipswich. We can design websites for new bussinesses and also get you a customised email address for your business. We are your Computer Geeks that can cover all your technology needs. We’ve also been featured on Channel 9 for slow computers / internet speeds.

Kevin Wood
Kevin Wood
I needed a new computer and Zoo Computer Repairs supplied me with the latest technology. What was most impressive and satisfying was the back up and support from Rob who solved some minor issues for me. I highly recommend Zoo Computer Repairs, especially the remote access capability in problem solving. Thank you.
Peter Wilson
Peter Wilson
Very happy with Robert's work. Competent and professional, considerate, generous and was able to discount it because i am on the aged pension. I would use him again and recommend him for other computer work. He managed to do all this work remotely without coming over which was very convenient.
Sarah Schmidt
Sarah Schmidt
Robert provided excellent service to both my computers, he knew exactly how to fix the problems and showed great computer knowledge. I highly recommend his services thanks Robert
jason stall
jason stall
People, if you are looking for a Respectable, Honest and VERY Knowledgable coputer technician/ Technician,s This is the place to go. I will now use NO OTHER than Zoo. Thank you Zoo for your help 🙂
Lindsay Harm
Lindsay Harm
Robert helped me with my outlook issues when I couldn't receive my emails due to the new outlook storage settings limiting attachments to 5gb
Beryl Hughes
Beryl Hughes
Wanted my computer fixed - rang the geek, was a beautiful man who looked after my computer, anytime you need a good man call robert and he can fix your computer.
Greg Lenis
Greg Lenis
Robert was able to help me solve my issues remotely, and clean up my google photo's issue and saved me 10 gig of storage space by compressing it - thanks robert
Julie Marstella
Julie Marstella
Excellent service from Rob in sorting out our email and scanner issues. Highly recommended
Nathan Holm
Nathan Holm
Really happy with the service. Unfortunately my PC had come to the end of it's life. Greg gave helpful advise on a replacement platform to meet my computing needs. Will use these guys again in the future
Nathan King
Nathan King
Having dealt with a number of questionable repair people, I was shocked at how quick, flexible and affordable these guys were. I'm not looking forward to having to get repairs done again anytime soon, but I'll be using them 100%.

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No call-out fees or public holiday charges. Our dedicated team offers a fixed hourly rate. Reach out to discover how we can serve as your computer professionals!