Did you know that the only reason alot of Internet Service providers give you a free email address is so that you will always continue to stay with these companies? There is nothing free in this world and these companies know that the majority of people will continue to pay whatever price they ask for Internet services becuase they don’t want to loose their email address that they may have had in the family for over 15+ years.

ISP’s no longer offering an email service in Australia

While many internet service providers included an email address as part of their service, over recent years more providers are opting not to offer email services.

Some providers, like Starlink or Launtel, have never offered email addresses.
Some providers, like Optus and Telstra, have stopped offering email to new customers from 2020.
And some providers, like TPG (iiNet, Internode, etc) are stopping email altogether, partnering with a third party for existing customers wanting to keep their email address.

Generally you must remain a customer of the ISP to keep your email address active, making this a pain point for leaving for a better deal from another ISP, which is why it is recommended people use other email services independent of their ISP (and many ISPs no longer offer the feature.

Our Best Pick is moving to Google.

Did you know that before Google search engine, Google became famous because of their email program (Gmail). Gmail is amazing at being a great email program with probably the best level of SPAM filter

We can assisting you moving the following Email addresses to Gmail

  • @bigpond.com
  • @bigpond.net.au
  • @optusnet.com.au
  • @iinet.net.au
  • @tpg.com.au
  • @aussiebroadband.com.au
  • Speak to us to see if we also are able to help alternative email addresses.

One of the biggest Reason to migrate over to GMAIL is the Mail Box Size

Zoo Computer Repairs can help you move your email to another provider, without Having to Let all your contacts know about your new Email address.

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